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Neck massage tube: Neck massage tube purchase and function introduction

2021-03-23 17:43:02

Selection skills of neck massage tube

1. Neck massage tube is a kind of massager, which can be divided into active massager and passive massager in form. Generally, the electronic massagers we see on the market are passive massages. The big advantage is that as long as you plug in the power, you can lie down or sit down for a comfortable massage. Active massagers refer to massagers that require manual cooperation, such as massage combs and wooden massagers. , This can only be done by human actions. Its advantage is that it can achieve the double effect of massage action, and it is also a good choice from a certain angle.

2. From the perspective of the energy used by the neck massage tube, it can be divided into energy-consuming massagers and natural massagers. As mentioned above, most passive massagers are energy-consuming massagers, massage pillows, massage chairs, foot baths, etc. , Which requires power consumption to complete the massage. The advantage is that it is easy to use. Natural massager refers to an appliance that can complete massage without consuming energy, such as the above-mentioned active massager. This massager is more green and environmentally friendly.

3. The energy radiated by neck massage tube massager can also be divided into infrared massager, electromagnetic massager, vibration massager and so on. Among them, when using an electromagnetic massager, it is necessary to clarify how to use it to avoid causing some harm to the body.

Consumers must choose big brands or shopping malls when buying massagers, so that the quality of massagers can be guaranteed. In addition, pay attention to complete instructions, certificates, warranty cards, etc. When buying a massager, avoid damage to the body caused by improper operation during use.

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