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Guangdong Copack New Material Co., Ltd., 

Guangdong Copack New Material Co., Ltd., specialized in high quality PBL(Plastic Barrier Laminated Sheet) and ABL(Aluminum Barrier Laminated Sheet). We have our workmanship. Our products are used in cosmetic, personal & home care, food, medicine and other industries. We attach great importance to product safety, meet EU standards. The company pays more attention to products research and development, and owns dedicated R&D team as well. We also have obtained many invention and utility model patents. Moreover, with perfect processes and excellent quality, our products are exported to over 23 countries worldwide. Based on “Manufacturing first-class products, striving for perfection”, Cogent has high quality products, better price, on-time lead time and best service to work for each client.Our staidness, your reassurance!


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